Wooden exterior blinds have a similar function as wooden interior blinds. Thanks to the excellent thermoregulatory properties of wood, they contribute to the room's coolness and save energy costs significantly. In addition, exterior blinds protect the glazed surfaces from the outside and thanks to the woods and varnishes we use, they have increased durability and longevity. Wooden exterior blinds are an exceptional feature for any kind of architecture. In combination, for example, with visual concrete or any kind of stone, exterior wooden blinds are a desirable element.

The wooden slats of our exterior blinds are made mostly from parts of pine trunks that contain only a minimal concentration of knots. This results in a higher quality of the product and prolongs its service life. The standard width of the slats is 79 MM and operation can be motorized, synchronised with home intelligent system or manual.


Wood types:              Pine                                                                Slat width:                79 MM

Colour design:          according to the RAL sampler                     Manipulation type:  Manual / Motorized


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