Sliding wooden shutters represent a distinctive aesthetic and functional element of modern buildings. This product is popular with architects as it greatly contributes to the energy savings of buildings. In comparison with aluminium, wood has a much lower thermal conductivity coefficient and is, therefore, a great material that prevents heat escaping through glazed surfaces in the winter and serves as a sun protection in the summer to prevent solar rays penetrate into the interior and overheat the room. For these features, sliding wooden shutters are also often used in passive houses. In addition, the shutter panels are used as a protection of the glass surfaces from the outside and thus increase the theft security.

Sliding wooden shutters are made of quality woods, which have suitable features for exterior use. The main criteria for a suitable wood are, for example, toughness, aesthetic appearance and lifespan of the wood. We select only pieces containing a minimum concentration of knots in these selected woods. Subsequently, the wooden slats are hand-grinded and lacquered multiple times to achieve a perfect finish. Sliding shutters are made mainly of cedar, oak, pine and spruce wood. But we also produce thermo-treated ThermoWood and also various exotic wood as well.

The handling of sliding shutters can be motorized or manual. By synchronising with home intelligence system, you can achieve complete welfare and automation. Since we have the entire production process in our own hands, our shutters can be customized to your specifications. The shutters may have tilting slats or can be folded when moving.

This model is available with either metal or wooden frame.


Wood types:  Cedar, Oak, Pine, Spruce, ThermoWood and exotic woods                                                                   Slat width: according to project

Colour design:  according to the RAL sampler                                                                                                              Manipulation type:        Manual / Motor 

Frame type:        Metal / Wooden









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