The quality of wooden roller blinds depends on the quality of the wood used. For the production of wooden roller blinds, we select only the wood types that have the characteristics to withstand external conditions all year round. The high-quality wood is characterized by a regular structure and almost no knots. In addition, these characteristics increase the life and strength of the entire product. The surface of the individual slats is also treated with special exterior impregnating lacquers and colours from the Swedish producer to provide an almost unlimited lifetime for the roller blinds. Wooden roller blinds are an excellent shading system that is able to completely darken the protected area when closed. The low coefficient of thermal conductivity of the wood prevents heat to escape from the heated rooms in winter and during summer time the rooms are cooling down. This contributes to higher energy savings in comparison with aluminium blinds. Wooden blinds are also a suitable protective element against damaging the glazed areas from the outside of the building.

The Siberian pine is most commonly used, for the production of our product, which has excellent thickness and resistance to external conditions. Oak or spruce are among the other most popular types of wood. Roller blinds can also be produced from selected exotic wood types such as Meranti or others. Roller blinds handling can be motorized, synchronized with a household intelligent system, or it can be controlled manually.

Our wooden roller blinds are produced in the dimensions 47/14 MM standardly. However, we are able to produce the roller blinds according to the exact requirements of our client. Individual access to each stage of the production allows us to adapt our product to the situation. Roller blinds are installed into built-in reel boxes, pre-window boxes, or pre-built spaces.


Wood types:            Siberian pine, Oak, Spruce and some exotic woods                                                              Slat width:                            47/14 MM

Colour design:        according to the RAL sampler                                                                                                  Manipulation type:              Manual / Motorized




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