Window shutters have been a very popular shading system, especially in Spain, France, the Netherlands and Italy. But for their functionality, soon they have become popular all over the world. It is a classic element of shading technology that has been used since medieval times. The place of wooden shutters use was various from the windows of the family houses to the glass glazed areas of opulent mansions. Window shutters were used not only as a functional shading system, they also served as a security system for window damage or burglary from the outside.

Our window shutters are manually manufactured from quality wood and we tailor their surface finish to the requirements of our client. Wood as a material is used for opening windows shutters also today and adds a classic look to the building. Moreover, the natural thermophysical features of wood prevent the interior of overheating, unlike the aluminium shutters. Plastic shutters do not have the necessary strength to help protect windows from outside damage. Therefore, wood is an ideal material both for its functionality and for its beauty.

The manipulation of the window shutters depends on the specifications of our client. We produce customized shutters and we are able to produce shutters with both adjustable and fixed slats. Shutters are opened manually or by added and configured motor.


Wood types:                         Spruce, Pine, Oak and exotic wood types                  Color design:  according to the RAL sampler

Manipulation type:              Manual / Motorized 






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